Facility Management

Learn about theoretical and practical aspects of operation and maintenance of medical facilities in compliance with international standards.

Course Description

Facility Management programs designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals like you.

Strategic alignment between the goals of the healthcare/hospital organization utilizing the facilities, and the actions of the facilities organization supporting their operation is critical to success. How do we ensure that the hospital building is safe and has the ability to offer uninterrupted care for the long term?
Temos Academy Facility Management Programs aim to address the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to operate high performance healthcare facilities in today’s complex environments.
The purpose of facility and safety management is to ensure that physical facilities and infrastructure, technical equipment, and systems used in patient care and at the different units of the healthcare provider are always operational, safe, and properly managed to meet the mission of the healthcare provider.
Our programs address the roles and responsibilities of the leadership as well as the planning, human resources and training, safety and security, hazardous materials handling, emergency preparedness, health technology management, and utility systems.
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Our Subject Areas Include:

img Risk mitigation in hospital facility management

Risk mitigation in hospital facility management

Risk mitigation in healthcare is highly important and is incredibly complex. Learn about best practices, effective policies and process management for preventing harm and reducing risk in healthcare.

img Building hospitals of the future from a technical perspective

Building hospitals of the future from a technical perspective

Gain valuable insights and learn about the key trends driving hospitals of the future and how to ensure hospitals and healthcare facilitates better serve their communities and adapt to changing needs.

img Improved care with Health Technology Assessment

Improved care with Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has the potential to improve quality of care by ensuring safe, effective technologies are covered by statutory health systems. Join us to find out how HTA can improve the quality of your care.

img Medical biomedical technology management in hospitals

Medical/biomedical devices management in hospitals

The course aims to strengthen your management of biomedical devices management including the monitoring of performance indicators, in order to improve the quality of services provided, and clinical effectiveness achieved, by your organization.

img Laboratory quality management safety and best practices

Laboratory quality management, safety, and best practices

Laboratory quality management is extremely critical in healthcare. Learn how lab managers can reduce non-compliance events and improve lab operations by implementing and encouraging best practices.

img Radiology quality management safety and best practices

Radiology quality
management, safety, and best practices

Radiology departments are now expected to create organised and comprehensive Quality & Safety (QS) programs. Learn how to improve patient outcomes by integrating continuous quality improvement into the department.

The curriculum will feature a combination of live virtual class sessions, small group application exercises, pre-work and vigorous discussions.

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One big advantage to working in healthcare standards consulting and accreditation for as long as I have is that you develop a lot of relationships with experts. This serves Temos Academy well, as we’re able to have people we know and trust, who are also invested in improving patient care worldwide, to deliver our courses and corporate training programs.”
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Dr. Claudia Mika
CEO & Founder, Temos International
The subject areas covered by our courses will be increasing in the coming months, so in order to ensure you don’t miss out on any new additions, we recommend that you keep this page bookmarked and check back periodically to see what’s new.

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