Medical Tourism

Learn how to implement successful international strategies in medical tourism intended to help organisations deliver high quality patient care surpassing medical travel patients’ expectations.

Course Description

Our Medical Tourism programs are designed by medical travel experts for healthcare providers and medical tourism professionals like you.

The health tourism and medical travel industry is a demanding and fast-growing sector, so the need for ongoing specialized education and training programs is ever present.
Temos Academy Medical Tourism Programs can help to expand a provider’s knowledge and experience about providing quality treatment and care in medical tourism.
Our programs range from introduction to medical tourism to effective strategies for International patient departments and are targeted at healthcare professionals who are looking to make a mark in this burgeoning industry. Programs are taught by medical travel experts and industry-leading practitioners to equip health travel specialists with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools to service the post-Covid renaissance of healthcare travel.
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Our Subject Areas Include:

img Excellence in international Medical Tourism

Excellence in international Medical Tourism

Rapid change across all healthcare sectors has amplified the need for qualified medical tourism professionals in different verticals. The training course “Excellence in Medical Tourism” is designed for you to improve your ability to satisfy patients who are traveling from abroad for treatment. The goal of the training is to help healthcare providers deliver excellent care and create a positive experience for medical tourists, which can help them attract more international patients and grow their business.

img International patient management

International patient management

To meet the complex needs of international patients, hospitals and clinics are investing in their international patient departments. The international patient management training course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the skills necessary to effectively treat patients from different cultural backgrounds. It covers a range of topics, including communication strategies, cultural competency, and legal and ethical considerations, when working with international patients.

img International patient department services

International patient department services

This course is designed to help healthcare organizations ensure the unique needs of international patients are met before, during, and after medical treatment. The training will cover topics such as coordinating appointments and transportation, arranging accommodations and visas, and gracefully overcoming language and cultural barriers. Personnel in your international patient department will improve their skills and knowledge, which can help them provide better services and support to their patients.

img Sustainability in healthcare organisations

Sustainability in healthcare organisations

This training course focused on sustainability in healthcare organisations is designed to help professionals in the healthcare industry learn about and implement sustainable practices in their facilities. The course may cover topics such as reducing energy and water consumption, minimising waste and pollution, and using sustainable materials and products. The goal is to help healthcare organisations reduce their environmental footprint while also improving the quality of care they provide to patients.

The curriculum will feature a combination of live virtual class sessions, small group application exercises, pre-work and vigorous discussions.

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One big advantage to working in healthcare standards consulting and accreditation for as long as I have is that you develop a lot of relationships with experts. This serves Temos Academy well, as we’re able to have people we know and trust, who are also invested in improving patient care worldwide, to deliver our courses and corporate training programs.”
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Dr. Claudia Mika
CEO & Founder, Temos International
The subject areas covered by our courses will be increasing in the coming months, so in order to ensure you don’t miss out on any new additions, we recommend that you keep this page bookmarked and check back periodically to see what’s new.

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