Career Development for Healthcare Professionals

Temos Academy provides customised training programs online and in-person, to healthcare organisations and individuals.

As the educational wing of leading German healthcare accreditation body, Temos International, our courses are crafted by experts who understand your goals.

We offer a range of services for professional and academic education

Training programs, seminars, and workshops that give a comprehensive overview of processing non-medical services before, during, and after treatment.

Continuing Education Courses Coming soon

Flexible e-learning programs or in-person workshops for continuing education in healthcare, with a specialty in training on accreditation standards

Professional Certification Programs

Career-aligned training programs taught by expert healthcare-accreditation instructors to help you bolster your credentials, apply your knowledge, and showcase your skills for employers

Corporate Training Programs

We offer tailormade training programs designed specifically to address the needs of your organisation and help you achieve your goals

Consulting Services

Bespoke consulting and advisory services to help organisations achieve required standards, enhance efficiency, and maximise their chance of success

Temos Academy will help your healthcare organisation reach its goals for efficiency and excellence in patient care

We specialise in eLearning courses and onsite workshops, aimed at professional development, to
better position hospitals and clinics for international accreditations and improved patient outcomes.
Whether you have just entered the field of medicine, or have dedicated many years to specialising in one area like quality assurance or medical tourism, Temos Academy can help you navigate the ever-changing complexities of healthcare and succeed more easily.
Thanks to the dedication and collaboration of our parent company, Temos International Healthcare Accreditation, we are able to create innovative online courses, in-person training seminars, corporate workshops, and streaming webinars that are perfectly suited to healthcare professionals, students, and even just individuals interested in learning and growing.

Below, you can see our courses for ongoing healthcare education by category.

Our courses are designed and delivered
by expert trainers vetted by our
Leadership Team and Expert Council

  • We’re part of Temos International Healthcare Accreditation
  • We carry on the Temos legacy of healthcare accreditation expertise
  • We are building one of broadest training platforms in the healthcare industry
  • We have the experience to offer flexible, fully customised courses
  • We are dedicated to helping you fulfil your mission to help others
  • We operate at the centre of the healthcare standards world
  • Your facility will improve its quality of patient care
  • You will obtain higher marks for service excellence
  • Your operations and administration will run more smoothly
  • You will be better prepared to earn international accreditations
  • You will attract more local patients and international medical tourists
  • You will develop a culture of treating patients like healthcare customers

Our Mission and Purpose

Temos Academy’s mission is to enrich individuals, organisations, and patients

Temos works with people from all around the healthcare sector. Our training programs and consulting services are designed for a range of professionals including Accreditation Experts, Assessors, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists & Dentists, Hospital Directors & Healthcare Administrators, Case Managers & Customer Care Specialists, and Risk, Safety, & Quality Control Officers.
We can also customise basic programs for students just entering the world of medicine, or individuals who are simply interested in healthcare standards.

We work with Colleges & Universities, Public Hospitals & Clinics, Private Healthcare Providers, Institutes & Foundations, Small Practices, and Individuals.
We’re investing a lot of time and effort in the Temos brand, both our accreditation body Temos International and the continuing-education piece, Temos Academy. We’re doing it to help healthcare organisations raise their standards of care and earn beneficial international accreditations.”
image Claudia
Dr. Claudia Mika
CEO & Founder, Temos International