Continuing Healthcare Education

Temos Academy is a reliable education partner for healthcare organisations and medical professionals pursuing continuing professional education.

Our online courses and in-person training help hospitals, clinics, institutes, and individuals understand and achieve the highest standards of quality management and patient care.

Who We Are

Temos Academy is the educational arm of the prestigious German healthcare accreditation body, Temos International.

Founded in 2010, Temos International has its roots in the German Aerospace Center’s education and outreach program, which set Temos International on its course to becoming one of Europe’s most rigorous healthcare accreditation bodies.
It is Temos International’s German precision, and its exacting standards for healthcare providers’ provisioning of patient services, that informs every aspect of the teaching and training conducted by Temos Academy.
Temos Academy training programs are delivered by international experts who are not just relying on their own years of experience and best practices, but the accumulated knowledge of the medical sector and healthcare industry as physicians, customer care specialists, and safety & quality control experts.
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Meet Temos International’s Esteemed Leader

CEO & Founder, Dr. Claudia Mika

Since 2004, Dr. Mika has been developing accreditation standards, crafting certification and accreditation systems, and assessing hospitals and clinics around the world.
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Since 2004, Dr. Mika has been developing accreditation standards, crafting certification systems, and assessing hospitals and clinics around the world. Her career in healthcare accreditation and consultancy work has taken her inside more than 100 medical facilities worldwide, from Brazil to the Philippines.
She has won multiple awards and been appointed to numerous thought-leadership positions including the “High Potential Company Award,” the “Dr. Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Achievement Award” for contributions to medical tourism, the Vice Chairmanship of the Diplomatic Council Healthcare Forum, and membership on the Executive & Certification Committees of the European Fertility Society.

One of the most important outcomes of her vast experience in the healthcare-accreditation and medical-tourism space has been putting her knowledge and expertise to practical use by creating Temos Academy.
“The most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s true what they say about the power of knowledge. I’ve seen it time and time again, when hospitals and clinics invest in training and helping their people learn and grow, the organisation gets better as a whole. Helping healthcare providers raise their standards of patient services was my primary motivation for starting Temos Academy.”
Dr. Claudia Mika
CEO & Founder, Temos International

Why Was Temos Academy Created?

Because Dr. Mika was so frequently approached by people seeking her knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Mika has over a decade’s worth of experience consulting hospitals and clinics on their accreditation audits, addressing medical conferences, and working with various foundations and governing bodies on healthcare standards. Clearly, her knowledge and expertise are sought at the upper echelons of the industry.
The interesting thing is that it is not only the high-level decision makers who seek Temos expertise for optimising patient outcomes. It is also administrative staff, case managers & customer care coordinators, risk mitigation & safety officers, and even doctors & nurses who approach her with questions.
This interest in Temos’s knowledge from the day-to-day, on-the-ground hospital & clinic operations personnel is what inspired the thought:

“What if we made the Temos brand of excellence and expertise easily available to everyone?”
The answer to that question is the birth of Temos Academy, a knowledge-sharing platform built on the foundations of Temos International that answers questions by providing high-quality, multidisciplinary courses to healthcare organisations and interested individuals looking to improve.

Effective Medicine. Optimised Services.

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