Temos Medical Standards: Version 3.0 & Requirements for Temos Assessors

This comprehensive program is thoughtfully crafted to serve Temos accredited partners and all interested organizations and individuals by acquainting them with the exciting updates within the new version of our medical standards.



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November 4, 2023




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Course Description

Temos Academy's latest training offering, "Temos Medical Standards: Version 3.0." is meticulously tailored to prioritize "Excellence in Medical Tourism incl. Quality in Medical Care." This comprehensive program is thoughtfully crafted to serve our Temos accredited partners and all interested organizations and individuals by acquainting them with the complete set of Temos Medical standards and an update to version 2.0/2.1.

This training is particularly beneficial for healthcare facilities that are currently in the planning phase of engaging with Temos accreditation, as well as those who have recently attained accreditation under the previous version, Version 2.0/2.1.  By participating in this program, these healthcare establishments can seamlessly transition to the enhanced standards and will be able to strategically align their operations with the evolving demands of patient-centered and culturally sensitive care, ensuring that their patients not only receive top-notch medical care but are also immersed in a comprehensive and delightful healthcare journey.

This training program will be a two-day online training with a focus on the Temos Medical Standards: Version 3.0. Our expert instructors will guide you through the accreditation process, covering topics such as standards interpretation and presenting relevant case studies. The course will cover theoretical and practical parts including lectures, self-assessment, exchange, group work, and others.

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About this Program

  • Dates: November 8 – 9, 2023
  • Duration: 2 days (14 hours)
  • Mode: Fully online course
  • Continuous assessment: Final exam
  • Credentials: Verified Certificate
  • Learning materials: Available
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Registration deadline:
    Early bird fee: September 30, 2023
    Normal fee: October 30, 2023

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this training program course, participants will:

  1. Learn about Temos International Healthcare Accreditation system and its accreditation process
  2. Learn about Temos International Healthcare Accreditation system and related standards for the “Excellence in Medical Tourism including Quality in Medical Care”
  3. Recognize the importance of Temos International Healthcare Accreditation Standards in improving the quality of healthcare
  4. Learn how to implement the Temos standards effectively
  5. Acquire the essential skills to evaluate and implement accreditation standards from the customers’ perspective

Course Methodology

The training course will engage participants with adult learning methodologies and an interactive training delivery style. The program fosters a hands-on approach where participants can effectively build and apply both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Through interactive sessions that are specifically tailored to introduce and get a good understanding of Temos Medical Standards, participants will have the opportunity to actively participate and enhance their abilities.

Course Content

Part 1: Theoretical Training

November 8, 2023

  1. Welcome and Introduction to this training course.
  2. Temos International Healthcare Accreditation
  3. Accreditation Participation Requirements (APRs). Temos Rating and Scoring
  4. Temos International Healthcare Accreditation Standards Interpretation:
    • Infection Control, Hygiene & Prevention (ICHP)
    • Billing and Accounting on International Level (BAI)
    • Ethical Aspects in International Patient Management (EAIP)
    • Legal Aspects in International Patient Management (LAIP)
    • Support and Ancillary Services (SAS)
    • Governance, Management, and Leadership (GML)
    • Medical Services (MSE)
    • Nursing Services (NMS)
    • Patient Blood Management (PBM)


November 9, 2023

  1. Temos International Healthcare Accreditation Standards Interpretation:
    • Sustainability in Healthcare Settings (SHS)
    • Documentation, Discharge, and Follow-up (DDF)
    • Facility Services, Infrastructure, and Safety (FSIS)
    • Quality Management and System Validation (QMSV)
    • Outcome, Effectiveness, and Quality Improvement (OEQI)
    • International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG)
    • Committees (COM)
    • International Patient Management (IPM)
    • Diagnostic, Laboratory, and Imaging Services (DLIS)

Part 2. Participant Evaluation By Written Exam

All participants are required to pass the written exam to obtain the Certificate of Completion. Please note that a Certificate of Participation will be issued to individuals who opt not to take the final exam but actively engage and attend all live training sessions.

Verified Certificate

Upon successfully completing the “Temos Medical Standards: Version 3.0.” and passing the final exam, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. Alternatively, those who take part in the training but opt not to attempt the exam will receive a Certificate of Participation.

These certificates can be verified through the dedicated verification feature available on the Temos Academy website. With the verified certificate, participants have the option to securely share their achievements with others using a unique link provided by Temos Academy.

Target Audience

The program is carefully crafted to offer a comprehensive training experience, catering to the diverse needs of healthcare professionals at all levels. It is primarily designed to serve our Temos-accredited partners. Nevertheless, it holds substantial value for healthcare facilities in various stages, including those in the planning phase of Temos accreditation or those who have recently obtained accreditation under the previous version, Version 2.0/2.1. Furthermore, the following participants will also find significant benefits from the program:

  • Healthcare professionals working in Temos accredited healthcare facilities. Healthcare professionals working in healthcare facilities planning to apply for Temos Accreditation
  • International Patient Centre/International Patient Departments
  • Quality Assurance specialists
  • Experienced surveyors/assessors from other accreditation programs and newcomers who want to get a broader understanding of the Temos HealthCare Accreditation Process.


  • Participants should have a good understanding of healthcare systems and processes.
  • Program participants are expected to have a stable internet connection to participate in the online sessions and to ensure that participants can access the online session materials, communicate with the facilitator and other participants, and engage in real-time activities without interruption.
  • Participants are required to have a proficient understanding of the English language to effectively engage in the program and successfully complete it.

Speakers and Trainers

The training program “Temos Medical Standards: Version 3.0.” is delivered by Temos Academy trainers and international experts who have a strong working knowledge of healthcare standards frameworks and quality improvement and are not just relying on their own years of experience and best practices, but the accumulated knowledge of the medical sector and healthcare industry as physicians, leadership, and safety & quality management experts.

Dr. Claudia Mika

Claudia Mika

CEO and Founder, Temos International


Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld

Rainer Hilgenfeld

Lead Assessor at Temos International


Mrs. Dalal Abu Al Rob

image Dalal Abu Al Rob

ISQua Surveyor
HCAC Training Manager



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