Atılım University is Temos Academy New Partner

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Temos Academy and Atılım University (Turkey) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development and delivery of a specialized joint training program on Medical Tourism.

Atilim University was founded in Ankara with the purpose of being a university that “provides quality education, produces science and technology, conducts research and enlightens the future of our country”, Atilim University takes firm steps to attain its target and even carries it one step further. Atilim University provides higher education services with 40 programs in the Schools of Engineering, Law, Management, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences, Civil Aviation, and the Directorate of Distance Education.

As one of the prominent destinations in the realm of medical tourism, Turkey has established itself as a hub of excellence. With its successful track record and cutting-edge advancements, Turkey offers a vibrant environment for the growth and development of the medical tourism industry.

This joint training program will harness the collective strengths of Temos Academy and Atılım University, drawing upon their extensive experience and expertise. Atılım University will contribute its profound knowledge and national expertise in the field of Medical Tourism.
The new program will be designed to equip its participants with comprehensive knowledge of Temos Accreditation Standards for Medical Tourism, international patient management, and leveraging the rich experiences from Turkey’s thriving medical tourism landscape.

This partnership between Temos Academy and Atilim University is expected to bring significant benefits to both organizations and contribute to the advancement of medical tourism in Turkey. 

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