Temos Approved Consultants

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This specialized training program is designed for healthcare professionals aspiring to offer consultancy services about Temos International Healthcare Accreditation to hospitals and healthcare providers.

Temos Medical Standards: Version 3.0

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This comprehensive program is thoughtfully crafted to serve Temos accredited partners and all interested organizations and individuals by acquainting them with the exciting updates within the new version of our medical standards.

Temos Excellence in Medical Tourism – GAHAR Edition

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The intensive training course “Accreditation Standards – Temos Excellence in Medical Tourism (GAHAR Edition)” is offered by the Institute of Professional Development and Continuing Education of Badr University in Cairo and Temos Academy. It is a unique program that brings together the core concepts of Medical Tourism and Egypt’s Strategic Vision 2030 “Egypt as a […]

Initial Training for Assessors

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Acquire necessary competencies to carry out the assessment process according to the established policies and procedures, to measure implementation of the Temos International Healthcare Accreditation Standards effectively and conduct assessments.